North Tyneside Care Plus

North Tyneside Care Plus is a new way of working with you to improve your health and wellbeing, bringing health care professionals, social care and voluntary services together to ensure you receive the best care.

North Tyneside Care Plus starts by putting you at the centre of your care.  It brings together the main organisations who are typically involved in looking after you, so we coordinate our efforts and join up the parts of the service, to help you stay as healthy and happy as we can get you.

As you have probably already noticed, different people looking after you are employed by different organisations.  Your GP and your GP practice are one part of NHS, the community nurses and community matrons another, counselling and mental health services another, hospital services another, social care are often employed by the local authority, and many voluntary sector organisations are also involved especially Age UK North Tyneside.  Urgent and emergency care can be different organisations again.

This is the right way to get you the best care, since each organisation has a different focus and each is able to bring the very best of care including the specialist care that you need for each aspect of your condition(s).  A single organisation would not have the right focus on each aspect of care.

At the heart of all of these different teams is your usual GP, the GP Practice where you are registered, who coordinates these services.  With their enormous experience and their commitment to your whole person and whole life, cradle to grave (actually more than that, from fertility to bereavement counselling), your GP is absolutely key. Your GP is best placed to decide if this service is right for you at this time in your care.

If your GP refers you, the Care Plus team will become your first point of contact for all your care needs, including your prescriptions.


North Tyneside Care Plus
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