Complementary GP Video Consultation Service

The CCG has agreed to procure a Complementary GP Video Consultation Service for North Tyneside.  The timeframes for procurement are as:

Procurement and evaluation strategy sign offStrategy signed-off by Executive Meeting11th November 2021
AdvertDate advert published on FTS / Contract Finder22nd November 2021
Tender Live DateDate tender will be available to bidders on Intend portal22nd November 2021
Tender deadlineDate by which bids need to be submitted22nd December 2021
Preliminary ScoringEvaluators score bids initially in isolation24th December 2021 – 14th January 2022
Consensus scoringEvaluator panel meeting to agree scores19th January 2022 – 21st January 2022
Recommended bidder reportReport to CCG Executive Meeting to approve successful bidder9th February 2022
Standstill periodNotification to bidders of outcome, allowing 10 days for any challenges to be raised14th February 2022 – 24th February 2022
Contract awardOfficial offer of contract sent to successful bidder25th February 2022
Contract signature and mobilisationMobilisation of contract26th February 2022 – 31st March 2022
Service commencementService start date1st April 2022

The procurement exercise for the Complementary GP Video Consultation Service for North Tyneside has now closed and the contract was awarded to Digital Medical Supply UK Limited.  The service start date is the 1st April 2022.