North Tyneside CCG News

Urgent care strategy

Fri 13th March 2015

Our vision for people with urgent, but non-life threatening needs is that we should be providing a highly responsive, effective and personalised service outside of hospital and be delivering care in – or as close to – people’s homes as possible.

We want to ensure that people with more serious or life threatening emergency needs are treated in centres with the very best expertise and facilities to reduce risk and maximise their chances of a good recovery.

The urgent and emergency care strategy has been developed by our Urgent Care Working Group to provide a set of aims which we believe will help us to achieve this vision.

These aims align closely with NHS England’s recent review of urgent and emergency care, and will help us to form the basis of our urgent and emergency care system.

These aims are:

  • Provide better support for people to self-care
  • Help people with urgent care needs, to get the right advice first time
  • Provide more responsive urgent care services, close to home and out of hospital
  • Ensure that serious and life threatening conditions are treated in the right facilities with the right expertise
  • Connect urgent and emergency care services together
  • Provide high quality and affordable care with the resources provided
  • Integrate care along the pathway

We have developed a proposal on how the urgent and emergency care services will be structured in future and are now in the process of building on this with our partners.

The urgent and emergency care strategy is available on our website here.