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Stop. Think Fraud

Mon 22nd February 2021

Northumbria Police are seeing a rise in the number of fraudsters ‘cold calling’ people.

The Police, your Bank, HMRC, Amazon or Sky will never ask you to transfer your money, hand over cash, buy vouchers or send via a money service bureau or download an application on your phone.

• Fraudsters will pretend to be from your Bank, the Police, HMRC, Sky or Amazon or another organisation and give you information that will worry you, such as an issue with your bank account, money owed, corrupt banking employees, a problem with your National Insurance number or a friend or relative in custody.

• Never ring them back using the number they provide. This is a fake number.

• They will prey on your fears and may tell you not to tell anyone about the call due to the secrecy of the
‘incident’. No company would do this. They are doing this to hide the fraud.

• To prevent fraud from happening you must terminate the call immediately. Use another phone
to report this to action fraud on 0300 123 2040 or If you think you have fallen victim to a scam please notify your bank immediately.