North Tyneside CCG News

New models of care

Tue 24th February 2015

NHS clinical leaders including doctors, nurses and managers from across North Tyneside met to consider how patients in need of the most clinical care can be more effectively supported.

NHS North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group brought together clinical leaders and partners from across the borough to see how improvements can be made to the way the NHS works together to support patients with the highest needs, and therefore use over half the NHS resources. More than 60 staff were involved each day over the four days and we were delighted to be joined by the NHS Improving Quality National Team. The first two days were facilitated by Dr Helen Bevan, Chief Transformation Officer and Lynne Winstanley, Director of Connections.


Called new models of care, the aim is to deliver high quality, cost effective care for the residents of North Tyneside. The three main components for doctors and nurses will be to consider how to coordinate care, standardised care, and matching patients need with the care model and clinical skills, which will make the biggest impact.

Dr Martin Wright, medical director of NHS North Tyneside CCG and local GP, said the top four per cent of patients with very complex medical needs account for more than 50 per cent of NHS resources.

Dr Wright said: “This is an very exciting opportunity to look at how we current work, and how we can change the way we work across local NHS services to better support the patient who need our care and support the most.

“We already know that the NHS could be better joined up and we could make much better use of the resources we have. The best news about this is that it will mean we can make significant improvements for patients’ experiences of care.

Dr Wright continued: “By taking time out to look at this challenges and how working together as groups of doctors, nurses, social care and other partners we can really think how we can do things differently for the patients who need the most amount of our care and support.”

The focus will be on the top 4% of service users with complex needs who account for more than 50% of the total spend.

Over four days starting in February, NHS North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group are bring together the boroughs GP leaders, as well as other clinical staff and partners over four days to look at how a new model of care can be designed, and then implemented.

The improvements for patients will be more patient centred coordinate care across health and social care. People will only tell their story once, and will be supported to stay well and be cared for in their own community whenever possible.