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Mon 15th February 2016

Health professionals in North Tyneside are putting together proposals for shaping the borough’s healthcare over the next year.

We want to launch our Commissioning Intentions paper at the end of March but before then we are asking for the views of patients, stakeholders and other interested parties.

We have identified our commissioning priorities for 2016/17 in the context of the Clinical Commissioning Group’s financial circumstances, an increasingly elderly population and health inequalities.

These priorities will focus on three key areas:
• High-quality affordable health care offering the best care but reducing waste and duplication
• Care for older people focusing on integrating pathways across health and social care
• Urgent care offering hospital-based care and primary and community-based care depending on the level of need

However, financial recovery remains the main aim as our budget has previously come under strain due to increased demand.

The priorities outlined in the draft intentions build on the progress made to date in the Five Year Strategic Plan launched in 2014/15 and also form the basis for the North Tyneside Five Year Sustainability and Transformation Plan.

The Draft Commissioning Intentions 2016/17 can be viewed here:

Comments are invited before Friday 18 March. Please send to or