How to spend the urgent care pound

How to spend the urgent care pound

In July 2015 we held an event to discuss ‘how to spend the urgent care pound on Tuesday 7 July from 5pm-8pm’.

Locally, we have seen a significant increase in the number of people needing urgent and hospital-based care, which has outstripped the resources that we have available to pay for them.

Against a tough economic situation, health is also changing too. People are living longer and have different conditions and health needs: dementia, obesity and alcohol-related disease have become major issues and more and more people have long-term health conditions that require ongoing support and management.

If we are to ensure the best care for our patients and ensure people receive the latest treatments, services need to change too.

For North Tyneside, this means we have to review where we spend our money and what outcomes are achieved in order to ensure we are getting the best quality and value services for our patients.

In order to start looking at this, held two events – one for patients, public and carers and the other for the community and voluntary sector and providers of urgent care.