Meadow Well Connected – Case Studies and Feedback

Meadow Well Connected is a community hub which has been serving the local community for over 25 years and offer a range of supportive services in response to the needs identified by the local community.


Case Study 1


This service user remained in full time employment as their employer was able to support them throughout their treatment sessions and gave them time and space to get this vital support through a combination of Well Together and Anxious Minds.


This is a copy of a text message received in November from a service user who had received alcohol intervention support with Well Together (P.A.U.S.E) alongside counselling support from Anxious Minds.


“Well this is a text I never thought I’d write. But here we go. It’s been a year off alcohol now 16/11/19 yes it’s been hard and still is but with your help and support kind words of encouragement I’m on the right path.


My anxiety is possibly my biggest issue but I am facing it now and not drinking to take it away. I want to thank you all so much for all your help it has meant a lot. Once again thank you. “


Case Study 2


Client B has been accessing support via Well Together (P.A.U.S.E) for over a year now. He is currently abstaining from alcohol but has a lot of complex medical issues which have meant he is also attending regular Doctor/Hospital appointments. Client B has a lot of anxiety around leaving the house and also going into any clinical setting due to the Coronavirus. During December, both Sue and Leah spoke with him on a weekly basis to try and help him feel less worried and anxious and arranged a wellbeing pack and a Christmas meal.


Client B has mentioned that he finds the support really important as he can go for days without speaking to anyone and even though he sees a lot of medical professionals, he finds it helpful to be able to speak to Sue or Leah on the phone because “I can just talk about everyday life instead of my medical issues and it’s good to hear a friendly voice.” Client B is considering being referred to Anxious Minds for counselling and with support from staff he says he will consider joining some online activities in the future.


Feedback from Creative Writing Group:


“The creative writing course was an amazing experience. Not only do you get to meet new people, have a reason to smile and have something to look forward to, but it also teaches you many things while enhancing your writing abilities.”


“I wasn’t going to sign up for the course but I am extremely grateful that I did. School years are usually a bad time for everyone and I thought this would be the same but I was completely wrong. On the course, it was a safe place, safe from judgement and stress. Rather than scrutinise you for a mistake they show you how you can improve in a fun and self-teaching kind of way.”


“If you’re lucky enough to have Emma as your teacher then you’ll understand what I mean. I feel that I entered the class to friends, no hierarchy, no dismissal. It was all acceptance.”


“You’re encouraged to talk about your life experiences and mental illness but not pushed to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. I feel I have opened up more to the class than I have my family. There’s a sense of safety in talking to a group full of unjudging eyes.”


“Each classroom is catered to the group, the work which helps most is made important and they make every piece look like a masterpiece. 1 on 1 work is encouraged and I believe they can understand people from their writing more than being around you. Writing from the heart makes you more vulnerable than anything in the world, all the people I have come in contact with because of the class have been nothing but nice. They help you improve in a way that you don’t feel pressured to change. They point things out you didn’t notice yourself and the staff are well educated on many things. Not only do they teach you to write but they also teach you to accept it. I have gained more than I can express from the class. Due to my attending the classes I finally dared to talk to a profession and am seeking the help I need.”


“So to me, the creative writing course is my safe place, my happy place.”


“I know that no matter how difficult my week might have been I can always smile when the class comes around.”


Case Study 3


Client T had accessed our services within the centre but has felt extremely cut off from everything due to the pandemic. We have worked with him to implement small positive changes and have been able to do a 1 to 1 healthy weekly walk with him. We have also provided him with ingredients and a slow cooker to make healthy meals. He said he is exceptionally grateful for all of the support received, being able to interact with another person and have the ability to make himself a healthy meal makes him feel like he can continue to look after himself better!


Case Study 4


Client B used alcohol as a way of coping with her anxiety. We worked to support her through regular calls to help her stick to organised an alcohol reduction plan which she was able to do and obtain her end goal which was complete sobriety!


Client B did require some encouragement but through a referral to Anxious Minds for counselling to help with her anxiety and now describes herself as being “in a good place” she is no longer fearful of trying out new activities and join in with online sessions. Client B told our Specialist Alcohol Worker that she believed the support offered had “saved her life”.



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