Fair Processing Notice

Our Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) holds some information about you. This notice is to inform you of the type of information (including personal information) that the CCG holds, how that information is used, with whom we may share that information and how we keep it secure and confidential.


Covid-19 and your information

During the significant pressures faced by the NHS due to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, we have published a supplementary privacy note to describe how we may use information during this period.


What we do

Our CCG is responsible for planning, buying and monitoring (also known as commissioning) Primary Care and Secondary Care services. Secondary Care services are usually (but not always) delivered in a hospital or clinic with the initial referral being received from Primary Care.

We commission these health services from hospitals and GP practices for our local population to ensure the highest quality of healthcare. We also have a performance monitoring role of these services, which includes responding to any concerns from our patients on services offered.  Further details about what we do are on our web site here

To help us to model and plan services to best meet your future healthcare needs, the CCG needs to understand the health, social and general wellbeing issues that people are facing today. The only way we can achieve this is by using the information that your GP, your clinician or your social worker enter into your care record.

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