How we work

We work together to improve the health and wellbeing of people living within our communities. Our priority is to ensure the highest quality and safety of services, using resources effectively for the benefit of our community.

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All 25 GP practices in North Tyneside are members of the clinical commissioning group. Recent structural changes to the NHS have placed CCGs at the centre of regional healthcare, so in addition to looking after the health of the local community, North Tyneside CCG has overall responsibility for the development and planning of regional healthcare services. To do this we ensure our healthcare professionals are up-to-date with clinical best practice and our care programmes are backed up by thorough research, for the benefit of all patients.

What are clinical commissioning groups?

Clinical commissioning groups are made up of doctors, nurses and other health professionals, supported by experienced health service managers.

Local GP practices work alongside specialist healthcare professionals, combining expertise and experience to improve healthcare services and benefit the people of North Tyneside.

Putting clinical commissioning into practice

As family doctors we are already close to our patients. We are well placed to develop local health services to make them more responsive to the specific needs of the people of North Tyneside. We have developed and published a plan to show how we will improve healthcare and health outcomes throughout the area in coming years.

NHS changes explained

The NHS has undergone many changes recently. The following video, put together by the King’s Fund, explains these changes and the way in which the new organisation work and fit together.


How we use our budget

The following video explains how we use our funding to support people in North Tyneside


Patient care 

To reinforce our commitment to patient care we have set up a public involvement programme, allowing patients to have a say in many of the decisions we make. Most GP practices in the group already run patient participation groups (PPG), these groups play an important role in increasing public involvement, and ensuring healthcare is delivered in the best way to meet local needs.

Listening to, and communicating with, local people and stakeholders will increase understanding and confidence in local health services. Our work with the community and voluntary sector provides an opportunity for patients to have their say as well as providing the CCG with invaluable insight into the health challenges faced by local people.